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PSP7 Glitter Names
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PSP7 Glitter Names
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If ya'll wanna follow along, here's the glitter for you to do so. Just save it somewhere you'll be able to find it. And I hope this really does help you. If it doesn't, please feel free to e-mail me your question, and I"ll help! :)


1. Open Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop 3.


2. Open a glitter fill in Animation Shop 3. If you don't have any, check my glitter fills page, and save some off of there! :)


3. Drag and Drop all three frames of the glitter fill from Animation Shop 3 to Jasc Paint Shop Pro.


4. Open THREE new documents in Jasc Paint Shop Pro. Make SURE they're as transparent. I suggest opening a larger one than you need, because you can always take the extra room off later.



5. Click on the upper box in the right-hand corner. Pick the color you want to be in your glitter fill's border. The outside coloring of this is the border.


6. Move onto the lower box and click on it as well. Choose the "First Frame" of your glitter fill.



7. Now click on the text tool, and then click on your first "New" opened document. The first blank one. Pick whatever font and size you want. Then go to the top task bar and click "Objects" and then in the sub-menu pick "Align" and then in THAT sub-menu pick "Center In Canvas".


8. Now repeat the steps above, except use the "Second Frame" of your glitter fill for the second one, and the "Third Frame" of your glitter fill for the third new opened project.

9. Save all three of them onto your hard-drive/"My Documents"/"My Pictures. Just save them all in one place. I don't care where. Just make sure you save them as "GIF"'s.

10. Now, time to get back to Animation Shop 3. Click back into it, and open the "Animation Wizard.". It should be found as a small icon under the "File" menu, otherwise it's located under the "File" menu.

11. Basically pick all the stuff in whatever order you like until you reach the "Add Images" part of the wizard. Then you must add ALL THREE of the images you just saved in Jasc Pain Shop Pro.

12. Now. You can "crop" it if you want. Click on the "crop tool" located at the top of your "Animation Shop" bar. It's like a half-box with a line diagonally through it. Click on that. Then take as much of the white off as you want, by making a tight box around your name. Just do it on the first frame. Animator automatically does it on the others. Click "Crop" then, which would have magically appeared by the top of your screen. Then you have a glitter name!! Save and do what you please with it!! To view it before you save it, go to "View" and then in the sub-bar go to "Animation". Thanks guys, and happy glitter naming!




This is what the "Crop" button looks like.


Finished Product. Not one of my best.

Hope these help!! You can email me at kaycar11@hotmail to request other tutorials!