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Making An Image Background Transparent AS3
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Image Background Transparency AS3
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This is a tutorial upon how to make the background of your image transparent. I kept getting asked this question, so I decided to make a tutorial for you all. And I'm SORRY about the screencapture program..It just doesn't like me today. I'll get a new one for future tutorials.

1. Open up Animation Shop (whatever version you have).


2. Open whatever picture you need to have a transparent background on.


3. Click on the "Paint Bucket" feature. Then you'll notice (if you have all of your toolbars showing) that "To Canvas Color" is an option. Click on the check box. (If this option doesn't show up right away, click somewhere on your picture with the PaintBucket tool, and the option will appear)


4. Then just fill in the areas that you want gone around your picture. (You may have to adjust "Tolerance", which is right next to the check box, if you keep getting a small white border around your picture when you get rid of transparency. Just make it higher or lower. Be careful though! If you turn it TOO high, it'll just erase the entire picture!) And voila! You're done!


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Hope these help!! You can email me at kaycar11@hotmail to request other tutorials!