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This is where I have my glitter dolls. I don't make SayClub dolls, but I actually make pictures that have been glittered. The ones with words can be used, but NOT modified or edited. But if there is no text, it's a base, and you can use it as long as you DONT claim it as your own, and you credit me when you use it.
If you want a picture glittered, email me at with the picture.
Here is the form to request me to make a special glitter doll. I don't mind making them, but please include your email so I may e-mail it to you. Or if you don't like e-mail being sent, In the "Do You Credit" box, put "I'll pick it up". That way, I'll leave it uploaded to the site for you to pick up.
Please DO credit, and email me back with a thank you after you receive what you requested. It's just common manners, and makes me feel special.

Word(s) to Go On The Doll
Email Address: (required)
Color of the Inside Glitter:
Border Color of your words:
Font Of Your Words:
Which Doll?
Will you credit, and not steal or claim as your own?


What's New?

07/23/05- Almost 800 hits! YAY! I finished all pending requests, and emailed them out!
1/29/05- My birthday! Yay me! And it's so close to Valentine's day, so I added a "Heart icon" available for requesting. I also added the blank bases that you may take and modify.
1/3/05- Site is booted up, and I added all of my glitters so far.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

These dolls are freeware, UNLESS written on. If there's text on them, please don't take/use them. And do NOT direct link these dolls, or claim them as your own creation. You're allowed to use them as a base as long as you credit me for the actual doll.